How To Get A Manitoba Boaters License

Manitoba is a lovely province in Canada that attracts many boaters because of the numerous lakes in the area. People from far and wide come to spend time on Lake Winnipeg, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the whole world. If you want to enjoy these waters, you should be aware that you need have the proper boating license, which is called the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, issued by Transport Canada. Any person who wishes to operate a power boat on Canadian waters must hold one of these in his or her possession.

How does one obtain such a license? You can get a Manitoba boaters license online. You need to take a course that is approved by Transport Canada. There are numerous ones you can find online. Just make sure that it has the seal of Transport Canada’s approval. This course is offered online so you can take it at your leisure. Study materials are provided so that you can go over the materials thoroughly, making sure that you understand all the safety regulations involved. If you take the exam and pass with at least 75 percent accuracy, you will be issued your operators card. This card is good forever. It does not expire and there is no need to renew it.

This regulation was implemented by the Canadian government in 2009 for the safety of recreational boaters. Accidents on the waters are all too frequently created by people who do not know how to operate their boats safely. Serious accidents cause the loss of lives. In order to ensure that everyone who operates a power boat on Canadian waters is educated on safety measures, the government enforces a new requirement that boaters complete a required safety course and earn their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Anytime during the boat’s operation on the waters, a governmental inspector can ask for presentation of this card. If the person operating the boat does not have a card to show, he will face a very stiff penalty.

Taking the course is simple and convenient. You just have to earn your license once, and you will have the proper certification to enjoy boating on these waters for life. Once you pass your exam, you will get your operator card in about three weeks. If you do not pass the test, you can always take it again.

Do not think of this as an inconvenience. Think of it as a necessary safety procedure that will protect you and other boaters who share the waters with you. You need a license to drive your car on the streets that you share with other motorists. Why should safety be more lax on the water?

Boat rental places will not rent a boat to you without proof that you have the operator’s card. So, make sure that you have one. It is not hard to get. Do not risk the stiff penalties for not possessing this license when you are driving a boat in Manitoba.

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