A BC Boating License Is Required To Operate Power Boats

British Columbia is unmatched in the beauty of its coastline for its amazing scenery, its richness in wildlife, and its hundreds of islands that beckon you to to explore. Visitors from all over the world come to enjoy this wonderland. This is as picture-perfect as you can get from any other place. If you want to enjoy boating on BC waters, you should know that you will need to possess a BC boating license. This is a requirement implemented by the Canadian government in 2009. Any who operates a power boat on Canadian waters, include BC, must carry a boating license, otherwise known as the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You can get this BC boating license online.

It is not hard to learn how to get a BC boaters license. There are websites that offer boating courses and exams approved by Transport Canada. These courses are offered online, so you can take them whenever you want, at your own pace. The course focuses on the safe operation of a power boat and the proper conduct on Canadian waters. After you finish the course, you can take the examination online. If you pass the test with a score that is at least 75 percent correct, you will get your operator card in about three weeks. If you do not pass, do not worry. You can take the test again.

Why have all these regulations? This is really for the safety of boaters who share the Canadian waters. When you are out driving your boat, you may know that you are following safety rules. However, what about the other people driving their boats? How would you know that they are even aware of safe conduct on the waters? Accidents happen when at least one party fails to follow safety procedures. These accidents often end up with people getting seriously hurt, sometimes fatally.

Getting a BC boating license is not that hard. Once you earn one, it is good for life. It does not need to be renewed because it does not expire.

When you look for courses online, just make sure that the course is approved by Transport Canada before you pay the fees. The best courses will teach you all about boat safety. You can feel confident that you have acquired important knowledge that will make your boating experience safer for you and your family. Knowing how to operate your boat the right way will make it safer and more fun overall. You can be proud to know that you are a smarter boater with the knowledge gained from the course.

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