Canadian Boating License

Every person who who wishes to operate a boat in Canada is required to have a pleasure craft operator card, often referred to as a Canadian boating license. This card does not expire, and once you get it, you never have to renew it. The card must be on you at all times while operating a power boat. It is proof that you have successfully completed a boating safety course that has been approved by Transport Canada. The inspection authorities can ask you to show proof at any time so make sure you always have your boaters license with you to avoid stiff penalties. The pleasure craft operator card allows you to operate a power boat in any province in Canada including Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

How to get a boat license

You can get a Canada boating license online. There are a number of reputable websites that offer you the approved course and the official Boating Safety Test that is administered online. You need to pass the exam with at least 75 percent accuracy in order to pass it. You will need to pay a fee to the test administrator which is usually in the range of $50. Make sure that the course is approved by Transport Canada, Marine Safety and Security before you submit your payment.

You can study for the online boating exam by getting the handbook that has the latest regulations and information for the safe operation of power boats.  Not only will you need to know this in order to get your license, but this is important information for the safety of you and your passengers when you are out on Canadian waters with a power boat.

Boating accidents are all too frequent. The more serious accidents result in fatalities. Safe operation of power boats is very important. Just as you need a drivers license to drive your car when you are sharing the road with other drivers, you need an operator’s card to show that you have the competence to operate a power boat when you are behind the steering wheel (or at the tiller).

It is not hard to learn how to get a boating license in Canada. Just do some research and find a company that offers you the approved course and examination online. You can study and take the exam conveniently at your home, at your own pace. The whole purpose is to ensure that you understand the laws and safety procedures.

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